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Tough sledding on the St. George - 2009

Certain traditions in March allow me to mentally check out of winter.
I can pinch someone on St. Patricks Day if they neglect to wear green and my chances of being slapped are at least 50% lower than if I tried to do this on any other day. Girl Scout cookies are on sale, certain types of which should be classified as habit-forming drugs. We set our clocks ahead one hour but the net effect is at least five times that, and many of us are grumpier than post-hibernation bears on Monday morning.

And John Holyoke interviews Dale Cross for the Bangor Daily News.
As far as I'm concerned, spring is officially here.

Dale Cross, the director of the season-opening St. George River Race on March 27th (as well as the Passy River Race which takes place the following week), offers sage advice for newcomers to paddling:

“...I think it’s wise for folks that are just getting started … that they go with other folks that may understand the sport a little better,” Cross said. “It keeps everybody safe. It’s important to back up two steps and make sure they’ve got the proper equipment...I think that what any paddler needs to do is just get in the boat...flat water, anywhere they can get in where it’s safe, to get their sea legs.. get some things straightened out with a partner, on flat water, before they get into the whitewater stuff."

Read John Holyoke's full article here from the Bangor Daily News. Cross briefly outlines each of the upcoming races. Highly recommended reading as we approach the Maine whitewater season.


Bangor Daily News Race Video & Article


And I'd be remiss in my blogging duties if I failed to mention John Holyoke's post race article.


Kenduskeag Water Lookin' Good For All Paddlers!

Over 700 paddlers are registered for the 2008 race, not counting race day registrations!

Powerhouse paddlers Robert Lang (eleven time winner of the Kenduskeag) is returning to the Kenduskeag this year, and Trevor McLean will be participating in this year's race as well.

And from today's Bangor Daily News, quoting Bangor Parks & Recreation director Tracy Willette:

"I think the stream is at a pretty good level for everybody. Not too low, not too high," Willette said. "I think it’s going to be a pretty good course for everybody. I think the technical paddlers, the experienced paddlers, will enjoy it, and I think the beginners and recreational paddlers will have a good course to run."

Read the rest of John Holyoke's article here for more information and last-minute tips!

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A Passel Of Race Prep Information


Jeff Owen of MaCKRO leads the Kenduskeag
sessions at the Paddle Smart event in Bangor
on April 12, 2008.

In case you were not able to attend Paddle Smart 2008 this past weekend which featured special Kenduskeag-related sessions, I took some notes and have posted them on the information page on my canoe race website. I hope you find this information helpful in prepping for the race next Saturday.

By the way, if you'd like to scout out the stream from Six Mile Falls to downtown Bangor in your boat, members of MaCKRO will be hosting an informal paddling event on Friday, April 18. Meet up with other paddlers near the finish line in downtown Bangor (near the Sea Dog) at 4pm. You'll go to Six Mile Falls and paddle (at your own pace and skill level) back to town.

Jeff Strout of the Bangor Daily News wrote a handy article about choosing a kayak that is right for you. So if you are in the market for a new kayak (heck, even if you're not) read Jeff's article here.

John Holyoke (also from the BDN) wrote an article a few days after last year's race - and his article is worth revisiting nearly a year later. "Sage Advice From a River Vulture" can be found here.


Sage Advice From A River Vulture

There's a timely (and amusing) canoe race article by John Holyoke in today's Bangor Daily News:

"So, a day late and a few dollars short, here’s my Veteran Vulture list of things for new paddlers to remember. Clip it. Save it. Laminate it (that part’s important). And next year, sidle up to a new racer at the Mystic Tie Grange, and slide this list into their plate of pancakes..."

Click here to read the article.

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